Questions to Ask Your Los Angeles Banquet Hall & Restaurant Venue

Are you getting ready to celebrate a special family occasion? Perhaps a wedding, birthday, or retirement? No matter what type of celebration you are currently getting ready to create, there are a few questions that you should consider asking first.

Why bother asking questions if you’ve already seen the hall and discussed the menu? Well, it’s important simply because there are a lot of unspoken thoughts related to the orchestration of a social event. Perhaps you, the event planner, and the hall’s owner have different ideas about certain aspects of this affair.

Here are a few of the questions that you should be asking when you are planning to host a party:

Are any other events scheduled at the facility on the same day?

While this might not be an important question for every client, some individuals might want to have the facility to themselves. For example, a bride might not want to share her special day with another bride. Another aspect of multiple events is that the first event might need to leave exactly at the ending time so that the staff can set up for the next event.

Can I bring in my own centerpieces or floral arrangements?

Some banquet facilities allow this, while others do not.

Are there any restrictions that I should know about before signing on the dotted line?

Some banquet halls in the Los Angeles area forbid the use of certain types of decorations, such as glitter or confetti. It’s important to know what you can and cannot do before you sign on the dotted line and provide your down payment.

What services are covered by my rental fee?

While most banquet halls provide all of the tables, chairs, and tableware, not all of them include table linens and chair covers in your rental fee. It’s important to ask so that you aren’t surprised by their absence or by additional fees.

Are tips included in my rental fee?

This is an extremely important question. After all, it wouldn’t do to discover that you are expected to offer tips to the wait staff, bartenders, and event coordinator on the day of your affair.

Are your banquet facilities capable of hosting events of different sizes?

Yes. Due to the fact that we have several different event spaces and banquet halls of varying sizes, we can accommodate groups ranging from a couple dozen to several hundred invited guests. It is important to understand that the setup you choose for your function might limit the approved number of guests for any particular event space. For example, audio/video equipment, dance floors, and space for a live band can impinge upon the number of guests that you can have.

Do you offer multiple menu options?

Yes. As a full service catering company, we offer several different menus, including those for lunch and dinner. Moreover, our options include menu choices for lunch or dinner buffets as well as sit-down meals. The pricing of your menu selection varies, depending on the type of meal you select, whether or not it is for a buffet or sit-down meal, and how many guests you are serving.

Is parking available for guests attending events at your banquet facilities?

Yes. All of our banquet facilities have ample parking for invited guests.

Are your banquet facilities equipped to handle wheelchairs?

Yes. Each of our banquet and event spaces is equipped with necessary features to make it wheelchair accessible.

Do you offer cakes and desserts?

Yes. Our master baker is a true artist when it comes to desserts and cakes. These items should be ordered at the same time that the menu selections are placed. The price of the cake and/or depends upon the number of guests invited to your social event or business function.